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Each child is familiar with these funny television heroes. They look so memorable, because not every character can be seen on the television screen tum, and small antenki head. Each character has a certain color of the body on which they can be distinguished: the red girl, boy purple Tinky - Winky, Lala yellow, green boy DIPS. They love to play online with you at different puzzles and adventure. Teletubbies will spend time on your favorite hill, where there are beautiful flowers, and watching you, how will you solve their tasks. The free online Teletubbies games will show you that all the animals have to live in pairs. To each animal was not alone, he needs a friend. Along with the heroes online games try to pick up a couple of each animal to the music. Each animal will prompt you sounds. To see the grand parade of animals, you need to connect all pairs quickly. Teletubbies decided to help you, and will also make sounds suggest, if you go to the right and vice versa, will indicate an error. Free online can take on the coloring of each character. All Teletubbies are very similar, but differ in color. In the online game you can choose the color for each Teletubbies with virtual paints and brushes. These funny characters love to dance and have fun, because they are so similar to young children for their behavior. You can in the online game to help them learn new movements. They want to show you my ability, so will be dancing on the stage. Choose who you want to see the first on the dance ring and enjoy. If you do not have anyone to play hide and seek, the Teletubbies happy to plunge you into these children's fun in the free online games. Pryatok Also, you can go with them to the mound, which was covered with ice. When you watch cartoons, sometimes it may seem that you do something to change in the environment of his characters. you can create a world of Teletubbies again in free online game. Arrange items on your favorite clearing these characters, to make it a fun and vibrant. Put Teletubbies themselves how you want to surround their favorite subjects.

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