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Game adventure - go towards an adventure with Finn and his faithful friend.

Based on the cartoon "Adventure Time", invented by Pendleton Ward, created a large number of flash games. You will pass the adventure games on the planet Ooh, that survived a terrible catastrophe - nuclear war, known as the Great War Mushroom As a result of exposure to radiation all the inhabitants of this planet began to mutate, acquiring various magical abilities and only a boy Finn and Jake the dog did not change its appearance. Living in the village, with which you meet in the game with a time of adventure and Jake Phin guys a day can not live without exciting adventures. They always help the various inhabitants of this planet in trouble. Traveling the world Ooh, you will be introduced to the princess Buble Gum, managing a kingdom of sweets. Also, there is an insidious Snow King, tore princesses, Marceline - the queen of the vampires, Princess pupyrchatoy kingdom and other characters, as the bad and good. The game Finn and Jake the adventure friends main task - to save all those who are in danger. The task is not easy, and even our boy, possessing the courage and boldness, we have a hard time sometimes. Start playing the adventure and help the hero in all his adventures on the planet Ooh. Flash game Adventure Time fan of the movie will give the opportunity to meet with their favorite characters and experience a large number of adventure. And all because of the fact that our heroes will never sit on the ground. Adventure Time with Phin and Jake will allow you to also become a hero to save even those who have not lost all human form on this planet. We have tried to gather a large number of games with your favorite characters that will allow you to play the adventure and enjoy it. in addition to the inseparable couple of characters, there is a large number of other characters, good or bad. Each game - an interesting story that will delight you and the beautiful graphics and high quality sound design that makes the game about the adventure even more exciting. Embark on an adventure and Jake Phin together and get a shot of adrenaline, thus raising your mood.

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