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As it often happens, the first was an animated cartoon about cars "Cars", and then based on it appeared Cars makvin game. Tiny car Lightning McQueen with a red body and blue eyes, pert headlights jumping from one game to another, and participate in the races. It's a race car and race - this is the only meaning of his life. Therefore cars makvin games - most of them racing games. Play games makvin cars need the keyboard. Racing on the track - this, however, is the easiest version of the wheelbarrow makvin - games. There are more complicated versions and, where necessary and shoot on the streets, no one on the road knocking, and not left unscathed and shoot, and fly like a plane. But in order to play games makvin cars often enough dexterity and reaction speed player. After makvin can not stay on the road and a steep fall in the open. And in order to get him out and will need savvy and very accurate calculation. But race cars makvin game, of course, not limited. There are still good old puzzles, but you can still play games makvin wheelbarrow - coloring. Painted silhouette is necessary to "fill in" colors, so it was like a multyashechnogo hero. Word game in which the hero is a little nimble avtomobilchik there in any genre, and everyone can find the game itself on the soul.

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