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Everyone knows a fun Thomas the Tank Engine and his wonderful friends, even though the history of the cartoon they live in the 60s, and therefore long before you were born. In those days, most of the cargo transported it with the help of steam locomotives, which can now be seen only in museums, but in the past they proudly through the air, racing on the tracks at full speed. Thomas with his friends lives on the island of Sodor, and as well as his companions endowed with qualities that no longer would be suitable for humans. Today, technology has become almost soulless although exceptions are still there, and there, on the island of Sodor, each machine has its own unique character and specific purpose. Each of the characters adjusts to another, since only the warm relations capable of doing productive work together, and each of the trains is realized when a friendship has helped them cope with the extremely important tasks. Thomas is very cheerful and curious locomotive, but at times it gets into a situation that provoked his mischief, and as he is very resourceful, then from any difficult situation, he always finds a way out. In spite of that, Thomas all love, because they know that the most important thing for Thomas, it's become a really useful locomotive, which deserves respect other locomotives, and people living on the island. To become a passenger locomotive had to show their best side, otherwise he would have remained a shunting locomotive and endlessly carried away and brought the cars, not feeling really helpful. But now he has his own branch of the North- Western Railway and Thomas infinitely happy because he has something to boast about, now he carries no loads, and the people with whom you have to be extremely careful. All trains on the island operate using coal as a fuel, and if it is suddenly over, the train would not be able to go further, however, in the online games of this happen at all can not because it would cause weary of waiting and would not gave games certain properties. You can play the game Thomas and Friends with the mouse and keyboard, and along with the characters back to a time when steam engines were an integral part of life in every city, because they were engaged in the transport of food, clothing, fuel and passengers, they are now They were replaced by diesel and electric locomotives, locomotives but only gave impetus to the development of history. It is because they were made the first trip and now you have the opportunity to find out how it was word of mouth, enjoy the moment and rather choose the game.

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