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Game Toto - stories about the dog Toto, which often will need your help.

Sometimes pets can live life more fun than we do. They are not afraid to experiment and play free online games, you can see them in unusual roles. Despite their resourcefulness and courage, pets need your help in some cases. Each child will be able to become a responsible owner of a virtual pet, especially if he is funny as Toto. Free Online Games Toto will show you how he learns, dressed as he was going to school and engaged in small business. Puppy Name That will not miss you, because he has so much to do. Together with his assistant Sisi they go on holiday, to work in the shop of sweets and cakes, as well as select new naryadydlya himself and his girlfriends. Although Toto and smyshlёny puppy, sometimes he gets into awkward situations. The free online game you will have to find his lost scarf. Toto does not go without him for a walk, so the loss of a handkerchief for him a very big problem. But with your detective skills and acumen Toto will soon be able to go out with your favorite accessory. The free online game you can see how the kid Toto meets Santa decorates a Christmas tree and toys. Can you help him decorate the apartment and pick an outfit for the Christmas holidays. We have a couple of girlfriends Toto Mina and Lisa, who can not live a day without a new dress and bright accessories. You play with cute girls in the free online games in the trendy adventure, you will choose for their beautiful dresses and refined accessories. In Toto cute girlfriend will soon, and he wants to go on a date with her. And what sort of a date without kissing. The couple is very shy, and hopes that you will help hide their kiss from prying eyes. The free online game Toto will teach you to cook the most delicious cake in the kitchen. It has everything needed for this - and the utensils and ingredients, as well as a detailed recipe. Follow his tips, you too will learn to bake cakes and entertain his friends, and in addition, you can tell everyone how you learned to cook a little pink puppy.

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