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The game "three in a row" - is one of the easiest games, simply known to all Tetris. For game three in a row online does not require any concentration, or the rate of reaction, no skill, no precise movements. Rules of the game online three in a row is plain. Is there a geometric figure limited area, usually a square or rectangle, filled with colorful figures: balls, squares, flowers, berries, toys. These figures should be changed in some places, so that in a line vertically, horizontally or diagonally lined up three figures, identical in color or shape. Game three in the series are online with a timer or without. In the first case, the game ends when time runs her time, in the second - in the games online three in a row can be played an unlimited amount of time. If time constraints do not, then the game ends either when the end figure (there are versions of the game three in a row online, in which the number of figures of course), or when no replacement figures sometimes do not give the desired result. Games online three in a row may be mnogoraundnymi. In this case, each round is limited either by time or number of falling figures and each subsequent round of something complicated than the previous.

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