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Speaking of trollfeyse can throw words such as subject, proof, comments, trolling, content, but in order to avoid unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding should not do, so you have to move away from the slang vocabulary and try to talk about it a normal language. Caricature smiley came into this world in 2008 in one of the English-language sites, but then to her popularity was still very far away, even though the picture is painted in a simple graphic editor, began very quickly to collect the endorsement and support of users. Image means a person fed the troll, just because allegedly some it looks, especially at a time when just finished a meal. But the Internet is widely believed that the troll - it's not just a mythical creature, but also quite a real Internet user, letting sarcastic jokes, taunts on the verge of, or directly for the purpose of such. If bullying the operation was successful, and the face of this very user should look similar to this. So, by 2010 trollfeys flaunted all social networks, and thereby gained wide popularity, there was not one person who did not know anything about this caricature attractive face. Of course, creating a history of almost no one knew, but used almost every, so to trollfeysu rooted honorary title of Internet meme. In the vastness of the World Wide Web and then flashed a clip of Edward Gil, with reworked trollfeysom instead of a face, and became a popular song Trollolololo. Comics began to appear with the same trollfeysom at the end, and she started to get smiley and other shape, for the expression of all possible emotions are increasingly wedged into the messages of controversy. There were no scandals and television, in which trollfeys sanctify not the most pleasant hand and tried to declare it almost something illegal. Some believe, and that somehow made ​​inquiries and found out that it is not so, but trollfeys still zips in social networks, although not in such volumes. Wildly popular faces trollfeys led to the creation of the game, or rather, by a variety of games, which are assembled on site. Describing itself is quite an ordinary person in trollfeysa familiar to everyone's needs. Playing, you may encounter is not common tasks encountered in online games, but a hero, and such games.

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