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That may wish to ordinary garden snail? Well, of course, be faster than any other, but Theo many years to work in the garden at the factory. Every day it is similar to the previous one, and dreams, and the speed and the race and remain dreams, accompanied by derision of all those who have to work. The laws of nature, which are predicting only boredom and sluggishness so unfair to a particular snail is just dreaming about the race that I want to cry. For the smallest creature worthy of appreciation and laurels of the winner. Any attempts to reason with Theo did not lead to success, because that to believe he will necessarily achieve your all dreams come true sooner or later. Becoming a party to the most casual of these races, and once inside the automobile engine regular snail acquires superpowers, thereby approaching the dream, though initially only gift that brings some inconvenience and trouble, loss of employment and a fight with a friend. But now, with so much talent is many dangers in the past, and Theo can easily wins crows. Now the name of Theo forgotten, begins a new life, the life of the Turbo, full of new friends and new experiences. Race, race, race and only they, life rich and unusual, especially for someone who used to live slowly and steadily. Now Theo was not alone and his ambitions have someone to support, alongside the same as he was full of enthusiasm is a real person, someone else can gain support if it does not. Speech at the most important race alongside conventional fireballs is a chance for Turbo glorified, and at the same time change the lives of people who believed him at some point. If you believe that dreams come true just need to, then the game Turbo undoubtedly created for you. Here you can participate in the race, which will not see on TV, namely with Turbo. Preparing for the competition is also an important point, so I just need to support a competitor and not just emotionally. Now, when the life of Theo and his friends a very different it is time to paint it with new, bright colors. And you have to solve various puzzles that Turbo happy to provide you, as when the customer does not, Taco brothers with their pleasure decide and in the bins of the van big set. Play along with the Turbo, and may your wishes come true also with it.

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