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Games Impact squad kittens will be acquainted with the brave kittens, boldly going toward danger.

When there is some kind of crime, it is always called to the aid of some of the characters or even the whole team. and specifically in this case - cute kittens that are waiting for you in the game Shock squad kittens. It all happened suddenly, a fox robber broke into the king's castle and kidnapped the princess, kitty, hiding in his castle. This of course enraged the king - father and he sent to her rescue a strike force of kittens to play with and that you will. Back without Princess kittens of course can not and it will therefore be to make one attempt after another to break through the barriers of the enemy of thieves. All episodes of the game have the shock troops of kittens on our website and play them you can play for free and without registration. Help them move forward, collecting fish on its way that will improve various characteristics of our brave soldiers. Also it plays an important role milk, without which the kittens can not move forward. Make sure that what distance remains to be done with the princess prison, paying attention to the scale at the top of the screen. At any point in the game kittens strike force can be put on pause, distracted by his other business. Be ready for the emergence of the key on your way by which you can open the chests of ammunition and weapons, without which the path will be incredibly difficult. Allocate extracted gear between kittens to them as efficiently as possible using their opportunities that each kitten unique. To control the kittens, you will need only two keys: up and down arrows that will, if necessary, to move away from danger. The first part of the game Kittens Strike Squad will send you on a search for the princess, where you will be faced with a lot of dangerous moments. Reinforces the strength of kittens milk and fish that make your progress more effectively. By running the second part of the game. you 'll also fight the insidious foxes, who can not settle down, continuing to intrigue the king - the cat. Improve their soldiers, coping with these strong opponents. Game 3 kittens shock troops put up against you new enemies - raccoons, which merged with the foxes and now attack the king's castle. Expose their kittens to his defense, intelligently allocate their forces in order to repel the attack. The shock troops of kittens 4 you will find yourself in the arena, which will have to fight with rivals in front of a large number of spectators.

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