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Games Snail Bob will take you to the fascinating world of puzzles and mysteries

In these games, you get to know the green snail Bob. In every part of you will go with him in unexpected situations, you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar places, which will surround the terrible things, mechanisms and enemies. Help the snail to seek the way to the exit on each level by completing tasks. Before you will close the door, but to open them look for a button in front of the abyss will definitely see a lever with which the front feet will land. If your hero is going in the wrong direction, simply twist the handle and Bob go in the opposite direction. Several exciting online games about this unusual hero will not leave anyone indifferent to its problems. It begins a series of entertaining online gaming adventures with slow snail as his favorite house was broken excavator and Bob going to look for new housing. Free to play at the construction site along with a snail would be a lot of fun. Build a bridge to help our hero to go on, ride on the lifts or on carts, and even in front of you there will be circuits, which will have to play logically. Play will be interesting, because every time you are waiting for new stories. It's so interesting in the second part of the game online go to the snail's grandfather, go through a spooky forest. He will constantly interfere with the evil caterpillars or dangerous flowers, ready to swallow the cochlea. In each level will change opportunities for the passing game, there will be new facilities. Sometimes you will be entered into the exotic countries such as Egypt. As long as you spend the snail to the end of the level, you can see the architecture. Every child wants to see the space only for a moment, in the online game about the snail Bob to get it. Especially difficult to have a snail in the winter, when it is full of snow underfoot, and the desert is very hot. But every minute you need to collect stars and get more points. Free to play Snail Bob can not just girls and boys, as well as their elder brothers, and maybe even mom and dad. It's fascinating puzzles, new each time.

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