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It's time to go back to the distant future, when the land will not be a single person, and they will live in a spaceship and watch from afar the land unsuitable for habitation. But even on this earth is destroyed by people creature who can not breathe and speak human language, but firmly knows its responsibilities and fulfills them patiently until the people can not return to earth. But loneliness terrible thing, and the Valley is very bored on the same ground, with people and machines, plants and animals. Every day, digging in the garbage, he finds a treasure, treasure that is only important for him, and is a reminder of his former life. Valley very sad one, and he, like anyone wants to see next to someone similar in spirit. One day in his life like a whirlwind flies Eve tasked to find at least one living plant on earth, because if there is, then people will be able to return to earth, even if it means that have long and hard to restore it. But Wally did not know the true purpose and Eve in a rush of feelings showed her the most precious treasure of all found in a landfill - a small green sprout. But he did not know that it was because of this boring lose that one, who only managed to find. But believing in the true sense Valley without looking left behind, for the truth. He did not believe that the Virgin, which was so close to him, flew to the people of their own free will. The moment for the robot had never before happened in the space, there was no doubt that he is doing the right thing, but it was at that moment is not the salvation of mankind, although in the end everything has led to this. That feat forgotten all the robot back to earth people, every single one, and offered hope for further life on the planet, which seemed to be lost forever. Games Valley as possible reflect all that relates to people and our planet, and playing, you realize that even robots is that part of the soul, which lives only in the best faith. Adventure Valley were caused not thirst for impressions, or achievements, all he did as he saw fit. And now it's your turn, to find the strength in the important step, and help the robot with its sometimes daunting task. But as they were in life Valli and funny moments spent with Eve, they 'll be able to see you, too, in these great online games.

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