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This small but nimble vehicles able to climb high into the sky. It is very interesting to manage, since the helicopter is able to move in different directions, up and down, left and right. With the help of its helical blades the helicopter can rotate up and down. Therefore, every boy dreams of a child to try a little bit like a pilot of the air transport. But not everyone can make this dream come true in real life. To do this, there is a section of exciting free online games Helicopters. It is most often war games in which the helicopter is used for the exploration of the surface for transportation of goods, and is involved in the rescue operations. In online games, you can find a helicopter that patrols the city. They are quite hardy and will help to overcome any weather conditions. Become a pilot of a helicopter online to take part in a dangerous mission, or simply unrealistic steep flight. Although the helicopter can not gain so much speed as Boeing, or aircraft, its role in special operations can not be understated. He can become a true hero with you, saving people, or helping the soldiers. Once in the most dangerous place in the center of the battle, the helicopter must be reset under your control bomb in the enemy 's lair. You will not only deftly manage this unit, but at the same time to shoot at the enemy. This mission is only by true heroes online. If you find yourself on your helicopter in the middle of the disaster, fire, flood, storm, you can take out the people that are important subjects, catching them with his hook on a rope. In another series of online games can be to direct the helicopter. On line invaluable help of an iron dragonfly. Heavy stones, logs and other items for the building can be delivered easily through the air with his helicopter. When all the materials will be transported, it is possible to begin construction. Helicopter - is a unique device which can be used as a fire engine, an ambulance, a tow truck and military units. The free online game you can choose a task and control the helicopter in the given conditions. If you want to extinguish the raging flames, then sprayed a special agent of the fire hearth, ground helping firefighters. Who would you want to be in online games Helicopters, in any case, you will have to show skill and care.

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