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When it comes to these values ​​, any adult, just as a child would say that the most important thing is family and friends. Also consider heroine and Ba Vi and games, but that's for them to family and friends is the same. It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, the full names and Vivian Valentine girls, but girls reduced their relatives to heighten convenience. So, beautiful Spanish girl names are used only when the situation requires it. Surely you would like to learn a little more about the girls, because information about them is not so much, perhaps, because they live far away from our country, but somehow, the girl has won the hearts of so many. Ba Vi and inseparable sisters - girlfriends who love to spend time together, of course, they have a personal passion for each of them. Wee - the eldest of the sisters, her sixteen, she loves to sing, he can play the guitar, and ready to please their loved musical talent once turned up the opportunity. In any family holidays Wee readily pulls out a guitar and notes. Valentine's under her sister's only a year, and her passion - a cooking many dishes she obtained just fine, but nevertheless it is still learning, and the best teacher is the mother and grandmother for her, so at Ba has a book formed recipes, and a family favorite dish. Favorite treat Empanada family, it can be said that this pastry stuffed with only fried in a special way. And Ba is not sorry neither time nor means to once again to please the family, of course, she and other dishes prepared in the hope that the family will try her new creation. Even at Ba Vi and has a girlfriend, cousin, that no matter how cool, and relatives too. Creative Felicia is full of new ideas, and not surprisingly, since it is the artist and creative people are always coming up with something new and interesting. Roxy, in turn, loves to dance, and the music is not played, it may not seem collected and confused. In stores do not meet these wonderful dolls, sisters, but to get acquainted with them, you just need. Games and Ba Vi set up for you to meet with the girls closer, to participate in their family celebrations, and perhaps more deeply imbued with a sense of gratitude to his family. The bonds of family and friendship that bind all native and Ba Bu the most wonderful that they have. Come and play with the girls, and you will understand that friends do not have to be far away, probably, they are much closer than you think.

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