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In the history of mankind Vikings hold their certain niche. This was the name of fearless warriors who left their homes and went in search of gold and other mining. They were never afraid to fight and die, but always hoped to make a good profit from their activities. The free online game you can get there and feel the whole atmosphere of militancy and mining thirst. Viking Spirit will never fall out of trouble. Dangerous battles and frontal enemies do not interfere in the plans. In online games, the Vikings will teach you to fight for the found treasure and defend their conquered territory. It is unlikely that you still somewhere will see such courage, daring and fearless, but in games about Vikings. Open a free game about Vikings, you have to become a real ruler. To organize an attack on the enemy and create a good defense of his place. You must be an excellent strategist, not only to build defensive towers, but calculate the forces. Warrior in your submission should stand in the battle, which sometimes may seem uneven. The Vikings love the cost watchtowers, of which perfectly inspected the area which surrounds the island or the castle, which you managed to capture with his Viking army. So it is possible in advance to prevent the attack and attack the enemy. To fend off the enemy until the last drop of blood. As is known, the Vikings do not like to take prisoners, so every enemy must be defeated. In addition to wars and battles there in the Viking life and pleasant moments. You'll meet among them a beautiful girl who also became a Viking on his own, but it has not lost his love of beautiful outfits. Choose clothes, try on her outfits and accessories in a free online game to make it the most attractive Viking. When peaceful note in Viking life will be boring for you, then go back to the case of a true warrior. If you think that the Vikings used to only swing a hammer, then free online games dissuade you. With a formidable Viking named Valdis you will overcome the obstacles in his way, and there is already have to connect the logic. Search for a subject, to understand how to use them, that they bring benefit to be the most important task. The free online game you will know that the Vikings not only fighting on land. They can also travel by ship, because they are the most skilled sailors.

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