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Games Winnie the Pooh will immerse you in a world where lives a cheerful bear loves honey and adventures.

The little boy Christopher Robin had a favorite teddy friend, Winnie the Pooh. He really did not want to part with him, and with your favorite fantasies, so Winnie had come to life and take in the magic forest blizkih his friends. They sometimes comes Christopher, to take part in their great adventures. They already had my own company a great beasts, which are able to talk. They have virtually no busy all day, so doing fun games. Winnie the Pooh is constantly hunting for honey, because no day is, can live without it. The free online games in the magical forest, you can find the hive and try to get out the honey. You'll have to guide the process to bear not stay hungry. Once he gets to sleep in the maze in search of honey pots. Paved the way for him in this online game to Winnie the Pooh woke up happy. Do not be surprised intelligence of these animals when you see a set of logical online games Winnie the Pooh. You will learn to put puzzles, search for differences, and to collect figures on the three in a row. Winnie the Pooh sure it will help you to become more intelligent, like the owl, which lives in a magical forest. In addition, the animals in the forest fairy love to frolic and to arrange holidays. In this free online game you can get acquainted with a kangaroo Roo, Eeyore and the smartest owl. With such fast friends Winnie the Pooh can go on an adventure in search of treasure, or play in these pirates. Every day he is ready to come up with great fun, and sometimes even sits behind the wheel of a huge truck to stock up for the winter sweet honey. Since bear no driving experience, without you it does not cope with the management. During the summer Winnie the Pooh want to farm, as well as the rabbit. To cope with the planting, you will have to become a farmer too, and follow everything that makes Winnie. After all, he had only to hear the smell of honey, he forgets everything. In online games you have to solve math problems, even for the Winnie the Pooh, because bees do not want to give so easy honey.

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