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Violetta Games will provide an opportunity to visit a stylist for this girl, enjoys great popularity

How to become the most popular girl in class or at school? All the girls in my childhood dream of it. But this requires not only have the taste to pick up items of clothing, as well as the need to read a lot about fashion and style, to watch their favorite heroines, and training on the Internet. This can be done with a beautiful girl Violetta. It you can always learn all the secrets and the latest fashions. She is familiar with all styles, she discovered all the secrets of fashion and she is ready to share the secrets with you. Violetta is always in the limelight, so all of her images are perfect. She is full of dresses, skirts and T-shirts, each hoping the girl along a beautiful necklace or earrings, and yet it often changes hairstyles. She watches the face, making masochki she watches her figure and likes to experiment in appearance. Start transform Violetta to your liking, exercising in online games. Start by choosing clothes zhdya girls, pre-specifying where it is going. After a walk through the forest and a hike in the restaurant needed very different images. To complete it is necessary to pick up a cool hairstyle and and do not forget about the professional make-up. The most important thing to twirl hair beautiful smooth curls, to review all the installation and try to experiment with hair color. Like all cuties, Violetta can never forget my first make-up, because it is so solemnly for the first time to make up lips with lipstick. But adults do not always color suitable for children and young girls. While you think about the appearance of the girl, and imagine how you would like to dress up, Violet thought, that is not enough to look beautiful. It is worth thinking about the content. And it needs to develop the brain with puzzles. She will offer you a fascinating puzzle, where you need to make a picture of her from the small fragments. You might want to add pairs of pictures. It also develops mindfulness and logic, and your memory will become even greater. The search for stars or differences in the pictures are also very useful free games, as it is to learn to notice the small details.

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