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When events around the boil is very difficult to stay away, but what if you're the youngest among the rest, and over all quite weak. Steven for a long time suffering with this issue, and has not yet found a better solution than to intervene in the situation on their own, but by doing so he exposes himself and others in danger. The fact that Stephen indispensable member of the team crystal gems, and therefore should with them to defend the planet from all sorts of invasions, but not so easy, because the secret stone Stephen remains unknown, and no tricks and training does not allow you to activate its gem, even tips older chaperones led to the result. Other members of the team of gems: Ruby, Pearl and Amethyst protect it as they can, but it is almost impossible to keep track of them, and who will stand on the sidelines when events around the boil, and friends are in danger. So Stephen worthy to take his place, though not completely revealed his potential, perhaps, for this is not yet the time has come. However, all members of the team are very fond of gems and Stephen refer to him as a younger brother, they realize how difficult it is to him to stay away, so occasionally indulge his weaknesses, and surround care. With all of this we must not forget that a child Stephen, so he likes ice cream, potato chips, donuts, swear at junk food and gems do not prohibit it, because you never know where your potential is hidden. Steven definitely has a purpose, otherwise it simply would not be the gem while ordinary people mock him, but it is worth paying attention to it, when such powerful allies on your side. Of course, sometimes not aware of Steven -powerful magical items, but maybe it 's for the best, because they do not know, Stephen is unlikely 'll do something terrible and destructive. Perhaps, for someone living on the beach it is an accomplishment, but Stephen is an adventure without leaving the house, if you do not believe, then you can try the game after Steven Universe is now available online, and are waiting for you. Dive into a world of adventure, not even getting up from a chair, feel like a member of the team of crystal gems. Sam Steven and Pearl, Ruby and Amethyst are excited about the allies in their ranks, the more so as we are talking about saving our home planet. And as Stephen is still a child, he is happy to give you my favorite puzzles and show animals.

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