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Of this small little red car you can tell many fascinating stories. It was a very hard struggle for their freedom. Willie was a long time in the shop, and no one was buying, even with a big discount no one wanted to go on a small red car. Willie tired of waiting and standing in the window, so he decided to run to the store and go to the rally. Such a bold typewriter can be seen in the free online games machine Willie and take part in races. Along with Willie machine you train your mind to promote Willy further along the route. Every minute you have to think what to put in the work - rotate the knob or lower the platform, there are various buttons and doors. To quickly get to the end of the road in an online game, you need to take into account all the obstacles to get rid of them and give Willie a free road. The free online games you know what adventures await machine Willie on the way to his dream. Each piece online about Willie games fraught with new threats. In one of them you will save by Willy meteor shower. Save can only be your logic, because you need to know which platform will help to escape from danger. Manage the movement of funny cars Willie, has saved from other cars on the road. The free online about Willy game you can become a real detective. Willie as always got in trouble and now must unravel a dangerous thing. Himself he can not win with this investigation, and your logic and wit to help him to go on the right track. In the online game, you get into Willy past, which seem to you the fabulous world. You'll have to accompany the car to find the way to her home. What are the dangers it has not faced so Willy will be hard to fight with the enemies first. Show him in an online game, how to overcome all obstacles.

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