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The events of World War II (we have it much more often with good reason called the Great Patriotic War) are long gone in history. Every year there are fewer and fewer participants in those events, but interest in them is not going down so far. This is what explains the popularity of which are games about World War II. In fact it is a huge plus, because playing in the war and fight really - is a huge difference.Books and even movies can not give a complete picture of the events, feel them on your own "skin" only if the most play in the war. Games of World War II will give you the opportunity to feel like a commander of a tank division, breaking through the front line invaders, or the brave scout, penetrated to the very rear of the enemy. In principle, online games can have a war story, is not limited by any limits, may have a different orientation of the genre (from turn-based strategy shooter up that requires lightning-fast reactions), but to play games about the war in any direction is always very, very exciting.Games of the Second World War are interesting not only to those who are fond of history, wants to penetrate deeper into the fabric of historical events, war games, and attracted a lot of revenge-seekers, the supporters of right-wing views, who dream that the outcome of the World have been revised. For them, the game about World War II provided the opportunity to speak on the side of Nazi Germany or its allies, pereinachit story in his own way. But it's easier to give them a chance to try their hand in the virtual space, than to provoke them to perform in the real world.All our online games war is absolutely free, you can play games about the war without any registration.

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