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Worms games, appearing as far back as 1994, remain extremely popular to this day, they can rightfully be called a cult, because the play Worms - a favorite pastime of the great set of players. A variety of games worms - this is the main theme of entire sites, regular tournaments, and every year - Special Olympics where everyone can demonstrate their ability to play worms online, unless, of course, be able to pass quite a rigorous selection process.The essence of the game is simple worms - on the playing field are cartoon hearts, combining ineffable charm and utmost cruelty. Worms to play well, you need to efficiently and quickly destroy the enemy, what is the mass of worms helps all kinds of weapons. This is, perhaps, makes the game worms, play online at all sorts of variations and modifications which may be on our site so popular. Want to beat the enemy with a baseball bat or shoot a shotgun - no problem. Would you like to throw grenades at the enemy or pour napalm - it is also not an issue!For those who like to play Worms, nothing is impossible. So strongly recommend that you try to play worms online at our site.

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Play Worms worms. Play online. Worms game

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