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When your body is a real engine, all you need - this movement and the sooner the better, with the heroes of the world Vrumiz happens all exactly this way, and the inhabitants of the city Zippy City are in constant motion. All due to the fact that they are machines, and so the movement - it is their direct activity, but, above all, at the same time Vrumiz heroes are animals, so look appropriately, and communicate with each other. Company inseparable friends from time to time encounter various difficulties, but nevertheless always cope with them, so that all the inhabitants of Zippy City know that friends will cope with any task. Vrumiz command is not numerous, but each character occupies in it its rightful place, and, of course, to replace it is not possible. Speedy Cheetah, monkey Bangui, fawn Farrah, Petey Panda and giraffe Dzhiraldina always looking for new adventures, and ready to invite everyone to join them. Speedy Cheetah and it practically does not win on the part of racing competitions and racing Zippy City, he has no equal, agility and speed - these are the most outstanding of its quality, that's what made ​​him confident and becoming Vrumiz team leader, he never let his friends because he knows that they are hoping for it. However, he, like any racer has a worthy opponent, but Speedy confident in his abilities as a victory given easy when you believe in friends, but they have one. And everything else is acquainted with AIDS once, can not remain indifferent, so you and the opportunity presents itself. Vrumiz team is waiting for you and hope you will play games Vrumiz with them, because they are very eager to show you their unusual world where the machine is easy to machine and difficult beast beasts. The world Vrumiz is two in one, and nothing any ordinary in this, for Vrumiz universe, of course. You are waiting for the race with Speedy and puzzles from Terah, of course, a joke Bangui also found their place, and the charm of Petey betrayed games special style, which, like Dzhiraldina appeals to anyone not even an acquaintance. So, the game incorporated the best features of each character, to surprise and attract your attention and you need to believe that they got it. Rather poured into the life of Zippo City and play in the world Vrumiz, which is open to you, and tips to help you cope with the job faster than you think.

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