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The series is already very long tolerate criticism of their side, but nevertheless continues to gain popularity among all segments of the population, and not one of censorship can not resist this. Devoted fans with genuine patience waiting for the release of new series, except that leave them in the spring and autumn, and the rest of the time it is necessary to revise the old series, but now you can play online in South Park, and left alone with their favorite characters, as your heart desires, and quite time not limited. Cartoon Animation is familiar to almost everyone, with the exception that a small child does not know the house and the people, as if cut from paper. Initially, the idea was this, but the complexity of the process has become a very good reason to simplify everything to the computer animation that is extremely facilitated the task of the creators of games. Heroes games are exact duplicates of all the inhabitants of South Park, one way or another consecrated in the cartoon, the only difference is that you can play to participate in the life of each of the characters, and the city as a whole. Given the constant chaos that is going on around fellow students, then they do not have to miss, events, and look to, bring to a mental hospital, and the people around do not notice it all. But before that the Internet user, which is all a little worried, especially that mad he obviously was not going to. Over the years, the series that pleases the fans, the number of runs exceeded far beyond the hundred heroes have grown themselves, and the city remained the same, with all its inhabitants. The town that really exists, and quite a marked point on the map, but prototypes boys do not live there, they were all found in other places of the United States, let alone cartoon brings to the extreme character traits of each of them, and will not see life, but still they exist. All events that occur in the movie are very real, in part of course, but based precisely on that, faced with what each and leafing through our RSS feed, you can count on the fact that in any of the series, this news can shoot. So the game, created in order to show the reverse side of the harsh everyday life, and even more severe output, albeit in a playful way. It is perhaps even better, because we're playing the game since childhood, and that's what we instilled a variety of skills, perhaps there pursued the same goal, to great adults look at ourselves and children and everything is clear.

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