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Those of us who are older, well remember the Games Tower Defence, which had to be, moving cardboard figures, pre-glued with his own hands, to defend a medieval castle from the encroachments of the opponent. Since then much water has flowed, no glue is no longer necessary, replace the paper-based games aimed at - protecting the base, came the castle defense flash game.Skills of defensive action is less important than the ability to perform lightning smashing attacks, and hone them to a level of perfection you will just help online games, the defense of the castle in which - an indispensable attribute of the coming victory. The object that you have to defend playing castle defense flash game, can be anything: a medieval castle or fort, or air base a futuristic spaceport. Playing the game Tower Defence, you will be able to manage both individual units and entire military units and even a large military units.The enemy will not doze off, so to win by playing games online protection of the castle, you will have to strengthen their defensive positions, to build up military capabilities, in some cases, the use of combat magic. As you can see, the protection of databases - not easy, especially as the enemy forces usually come in waves and each wave is much stronger and more powerful than the previous one. In defense of the castle flash game you can play against the computer, but much more interesting to look from the castle defense games online, where your opponent will be a real player.If your favorite flash game defense of the castle are in turn-based mode, you need only strategic capabilities. It is much more difficult situation is when you play in the protection of the castle flash games, which take place in real time - can not do without the ability to quickly make the right decisions, and deftly over the keys and click the mouse button.On our site all the best games Tower Defence, as has already become a classic and recently released on the gaming market, whose main goal - protecting the base from enemies. New items in the genre of "protection of the castle flash game" appear regularly, therefore we recommend to all fans of similar games to come to us often as possible, so as not to miss anything sverhinteresnoe.

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