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Oriental Beauty Jasmine watches a fashion and loves to care for themselves, because it is constantly pursuing the beloved Aladdin. Therefore princess should look beautiful all the time. Only in the free online games you can get into the wardrobe girl, look into her chest with ornaments and try different ways of embodying them in beauty. The only daughter of the Sultan nothing else can not do, but to choose their new clothes and visit beauty salons. Sometimes she gets into awkward adventure, from which it must save Aladdin and friends. The palace often arrange festive balls, for which Jasmine should come very smart, in a chic dress and around her neck she will sparkle decoration. The free online game Jasmine wants a stylish manicure, and give you the right to experiment with the design by choosing the color of nail polish, patterns and sparkles on the nails. Jasmine will be able to share with you the secrets of beauty of face and hair care products. The free online game you do Jasmine mask and wash her ​​head, a variety of means to care, to give them a shine and strength. Having been on a date the most romantic couple Agraby. Aladdin and Jasmine first long going, choosing outfits and decorating, and tried to kiss on a date. you know, it looks like the real Jean in free online games Jasmine. He will continue to pursue the couple, helping them or interfering. Since Jasmine is the most beautiful and rich princess East, Aladdin tries to reach for her and for his condition. More than once he set off on a treasure hunt in the online games. It will fall into the awkward situation and you have to help him collect gems and gold. In a dangerous dungeon obstacles await Aladdin, but his eyes lit on the amount of wealth that he wants to collect in order to bring it at the feet of his beloved Jasmine. Calm puzzle with their favorite characters Jasmine, Aladdin and friends will help you to have fun and show off their skills. Pictures with episodes of adventures of our heroes are divided into several parts, and to enjoy the beauty of masculinity Aladdin and Jasmine you have to be smart. Drag each piece of the image, searching for a place and pick up the next for him. So step by step, you'll get a bright image.

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