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Games Daisy - exciting online games, where you will learn something new together with cheerful fruit.

Fans of online games have long been accustomed to the fact that you can manage the different objects as living, you can see a talking car, play the role of an animal. But here you have to spend time with the handsome and charming apple named Daisy. He loves children and is ready to help them develop. So coming up with new tasks on logic and attentiveness. In one of the online game Daisy wants you to meet with your friends, sweet fruits and berries. Before you will be presented with the card, and you can arrange them in pairs. So you prove zinger that not only know how to watch cartoons, but also can focus. Everyone knows that apples are very useful because they have a lot of vitamins. So Daisy is very active and a second could not sit, especially when he hears music. Help him to dance a merry dance, driving movements. This will help you arrow. They need to get into the rhythm of the music, but each is wrong to deprive you pressed spermatozoa 10 points. To gain strength before a new adventure, spermatozoa need to drink his favorite drink, which is also called. He scattered on the playground, and you must have to rush to the rescue. Collect all the bottles to drink baby. The most difficult will be the path to a bottle of a hundred doors. Four floors of the house and dozens of inputs and outputs from Daisy hide his energy drink. Scold with him to the top floor to find the cherished door. In a long and tangled maze online game about Daisy will have to search the drink to drink apple. This task is only care and diligence, it's not always the first time, you can find the right turn and not get into a deadlock. But in a free game-quest, you have to show their ingenuity. Calculate the power and range so that the bottle hit the bull's-eye right in the bag, the strength is not for everyone. But those who drink the tasty and healthy drink, it is not difficult to do.

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