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Games Wicked grandmother thou shalt direct the mess on the streets, playing for the distraught grandmother

Most recently became available to the game about the evil grandmother. You can play for free on this page. At this such a fascinating story of her grandmother lives. -So When it mistakenly caught and locked up in a madhouse. She managed to escape from this horror and escape. She wants to break away from this place, so you do not even notice that she had aged - so quickly and deftly she escapes. Ahead of it will meet a lot of obstacles, such as cars, large pits or pipes that need to jump over. Then you will seem that the grandmother did not accidentally hit in the loony bin. It offers such unusual features as a dinosaur or a big fish. No matter what lies ahead, and just run. Collect coins and do not miss any bonuses, because they will make life much easier grandmother. If you gather enough coins, you can buy for the grandmother of some device, such as a magnet, acceleration or something else, no less remarkable. Productive game with a wicked grandmother online help unlock some of her clothes and you will be able to transform the granny. Before the new escape your grandmother would be able to change into a new dress. Grandma will also travel to different countries and amazing city, even during the holidays of Christmas and Halloween grandma will continue his escape. She loves to do exercises so as not to collide with an obstacle, and even our grandmother was the hooligan. She loves to give kicks, running the streets. At the granny may appear assistants - heroes. This is either a panda or a zombie or ninja. They can also be unlocked during the passage of games online and there are three ways - to collect coins while Grandma is running, go a longer distance or recruit a large number of points. Do not forget to turn the sound during the game, it's very funny. Soundtracks in the online game about evil granny plays an important role. There are so many funny sounds, catty laughter granny and vzvizgivaniya grandmother when jumping over obstacles. Free to play "Wicked granny" and enjoy children and their parents. Everyone will find something interesting for yourself in this game is the type of "runner"

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