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Zombie written many books and a feature film. Successfully mastered these vile creatures, and lots of video games, zombie games of different directions are quite popular. The main characteristic that distinguishes the online games from other zombie games - a dynamic action, rather cruel plot, a lot of violence. Zombie shooting game - a great way to lose a negative, take the pressure off, destroying whole hordes of vile and dangerous creatures, forever lost a normal human. Shooters but is not limited, there are flash games in the genre of zombie brodilok, simulation, zombie games and just two arcades.Most zombie games are two of the many levels of increasing difficulty, the loop missions that are subject to the same goal - the destruction of zombies. Every one, once and for all! After the passing game online zombie-studded surface remains of these vile creatures of evil, their bodies can be stacked high with stacks of the pyramid of Cheops. Certainly, it will take with what incomparable pleasure die hard fans zombie shooter.There are those who would blame the zombie game being too realistic, and the truth in their arguments still present. However, the process is not important, but the ultimate goal, and it at any flash games about zombies very noble - save humanity from invasion armada of vicious monsters. So any player online games zombies have a rare opportunity to feel like the savior of the human race.Best zombie games make use of a wide Shooting arsenal of weapons, with all types of firearms, as well as baseball bats and chainsaws do without them. Cracked by powerful strike bits skull ugly creatures - such as an indispensable attribute for online zombie games as samovars or gingerbread for Tula.The most popular zombie games - two have already become classics of zombie flash games, it's "Zombotron" and "deserved to die." Action of the first zombie game is somewhere in the galaxy, its goal is the destruction of countless hordes of vile creatures of Hell. The plot of the second game online zombie somewhat different player in the car to get to the helicopter on the way crushing wheels and riddled with fatal gun fire ton or two monsters.Excellent graphics, sophisticated visual effects and fun gameplay - all this makes presented above online zombie games of this finding.

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