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We know how to look like our cities, streets on which we walk, and the animals are in the woods, at the zoo or as pets. But someone wanted to dream and imagine a world without human animals. In this world, each animal has its own role. Strong and powerful beasts are working with the police and keep order, cunning foxes play the role of criminals. But in the cartoon Zveropolis all standards have been destroyed by the protagonists. Little zaychiha not afraid of danger and went to work in the police, where he found a very sincere friend in the red fox. For children there is nothing more fun to play with their favorite characters. Each character of this fascinating animated film can be colored in its own way, to come up with him in the picture and a new way of dress in free online games. Along with Judy you can arm a magnifying glass and go in search of the missing items. They will be hidden very dangerous enemy who does not want you to find it. Therefore, examining every corner of the image, seek out all of the items, or the differences in the pictures. This will help you become in the future the same excellent detective, like Judy, who studied it for many years. Free games Zveropolis will show you what you need to be able to think logically, to play in the puzzle in the form of puzzles. funny stories of the adventures of a friendly couple Judy hare and fox Nick will be in the picture. To the story continues, you will have to take medication Nick fox that was very awkward and fell into the bushes. His face was full of all sorts of scratches and cuts, which can be cured only caring doctor. The free online game you will see that Nick was not able to completely get rid of their hunting nature. To survive and get to the next level, you have to help Nick to catch chickens, that and strive to escape from the fox. Catch all the birds - your main task in the online game. Try to distract the fox and attach it to fashion, then it may be more concerned about their appearance than on the abdomen. Try on his stylish shirt and nice pants. In the online game, each hero has to look fashionable and spick and span, even if he is a cunning fox, and if it is a cute little rabbit, it is not discussed. It can not look different. After he and Nick on competi romantic kiss, after which you will be watching.

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