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When the long autumn evenings 2009 hot Finnish guys from the company's developer Rovio Mobile created their offspring Angry Birds, they are even in their wildest imaginations could not imagine what kind of mass popularity will enjoy this simple-looking toy, and how many people can not even imagine your vacation without having to angry birds to play online.Play online and angry birds actually has quite a primitive plot: the pig green steal the eggs of birds to prepare them to scrambled eggs. Birds are, of course, do not like, and therefore the main purpose of their existence becomes a revenge-pig thief, and the return of the eggs. They carry out this revenge with the help of a giant slingshot: a player in the angry birds online runs a wide variety of birds to pigs to destroy them all, and thus complete the level.Despite its apparent simplicity, the angry birds tend to play online tens of millions of players around the world. Since the release of the game angry birds became wildly popular online, but four "major" game releases saw the light of many free add-ons, upgrades, sponsor games, and a whole bunch of more or less successful clones. At this point, the game angry birds available for smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, all popular operating systems for personal computers. A better and more interesting than just angry birds to play online right on our site.

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