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Each responds to changes in your life in different ways, and sometimes not very good, when the five girls had fallen knowledge of who they are, not all they took it with delight. And some of them even thought it was all nonsense, which could accept only a madman. Suddenly appeared in front of their face picture of the history of the vast universe, not leave them indifferent, but given the theme for reflection. You have to be brave, to accept yourself for who you are, and if you have everything else have abilities that are not inherent to ordinary people, then get on with it even more difficult, especially when you're a teenager, but the girls were always together, and from this it was easier. Thus, the forces that have suddenly become a burden on the shoulders of ordinary girls, asked for nothing, which is distributed among them as the only way each of them could manage their elements, to bring a spirit of unity, though it was not easy, but it is still necessary. In addition to permanent debt, the girls have responsibilities, which also can not be neglected: to go to school, do homework, and in general just to live, enjoying every moment. Surely you and there are times when you also want to get some ability, and perhaps it is you already have, just have not opened to you until the end. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin also did not immediately recognize a hidden potential, and perhaps still have to write off all to chance. But the secret always becomes clear, and when the grandmother opened the girls their true purpose, the sorceress were forced to pay attention to their abilities, and they now seek to advance, and no barriers will not stop them. You can also become part of a small company, playing the game Sorceress, and let Warden considered special, but in reality they are still ordinary girls who are not alien to entertainment. They are able not only to honor their duty, but also to have fun till you drop. Take part in the adventures of the Guardians, and with them you will manage to overcome the insidious enemies who are trying to get on the ground. Also, you will face with the tasks relating to the fashion and style, since the human factor - an important part of each of the characters, and they are primarily women. Plunge into the mysterious world with the Warden of fire, water, air, land, and also the one who connects their strength together. Five girls are waiting for you in his team to consistently achieve success in all your endeavors.

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