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Games Friends angels will tell us about their favorite heroes with Kotormo can survive various adventures

Again the screen comic book heroes who have become popular thanks to their interesting stories. The story tells of a few angels who study the wisdom of magic and witchcraft, they are designed to deliver the goods. In contrast, it is such an insidious force is neutral, which consists of little demons. As the training they play with people, forcing them to bow down to the side of evil. They whisper thoughts that push people into action. So it is a clash between good and evil. Among such intrigue and adventure and turned to create a series of online games with only one condition - no love and affection should not be between enemies. Online games Friends angels show some elements of magic to teach logic puzzles and other puzzles and sense of style to dress up. Despite the fact that girls are - angels, they are not alien to fashion. Each of them has its own magic locker where placed colorful and shiny outfits. They turn to him for help, when to pick up the image for a walk or a masquerade, and perhaps even a goodbye, though it is banned. Each of them has its own unique style, and you should try to comply with it, so that even in a luxurious dress, Angela could learn. In particular, they are trying to dress up before Christmas, choose air dresses, colorful accessories and a new hairstyle. Wicked Lady neutrals Reina will try to outweigh the power of evil over good. It distributes throughout their little hell, who are ready to attack the friends of the Angels. The dangerous Adventure you have to wade through the clouds of demons by shooting them with a bow. Several shots at goal and good will win. But fear is a stone thrown at you, who will take part of life. After a difficult and responsible Action, when you dovedesh his hero to the end, you can play free puzzle. Girls like to be photographed, and it often happens that the evil neutrals spoil their images. Do not let evil win and stand on the protection of angels, collecting images of tiny fragments.

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