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Game Puss in Boots will tell about the adventures of a clever cat, who is capable of much

Since childhood, this character is known to all. He appears in the favorite fairy tales by Charles Perrault first time, and then goes into cartoons and have only to say, "Puss in Boots", all at once it becomes clear what is at stake. The story of how clever cat defeated Ogre, known to everyone. But with the advent of Puss in Boots in the online adventure game has become much more. Yes, and our cat changed a bit. It can be found on a hat with a wide brim and a large pen for the sword in his belt and his faithful friend. The new stories Puss in Boots grew up in an orphanage and there found a friend named Humpty Dumpty. He then spoke about his dream of a cat. It was something unbelievable - look for goose eggs for enrichment. When our cat has decided to help others in the implementation of this vision, Humpty - Dumpty him up, and the cat had to leave their hearth and home in disgrace. And then it begins a great adventure, dangerous hiking and logical tasks. Puss in Boots will appear before you on two identical images, and only having sufficient attention, you define the difference to them. Thereby performing not the most difficult task of the Cat. Some free games you will find that very traitor, but the cat still on friendly terms with him and together they take part in the search for beans. They they need to climb the clouds to find the goose with the golden eggs. To successfully fight the enemies of our Puss in Boots is interested in fencing. Sometimes you'll be able to play with him using the sword. So he will not lose shape and be ready to face the enemy. Can you mention any grace has our cat, how cleverly he copes with the sword. Exciting Action, in which two other pass levels, making his way through obstacles, walls and collecting artifacts, will satisfy lovers of adventure. Also Humpty Dumpty, the cat has a lot of friends with whom he likes to spend time. You'll meet them in coloring, puzzles, and games on the development of memory. Cute Kitty do not mind to spend time with you and the Puss in online games. They want to go to the masquerade and their outfits should be just gorgeous.

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