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From early childhood, every girl is herself a mother. She wants someone to take care of as well as her own mother about it. Therefore, a free online game about little girls, for whom you must follow, clothe and feed, as relevant. Only in the online game you can experience all the responsibility for caring for the baby, because the doll did not cry, if it does not feed, and the virtual baby Lily will show you their displeasure in case of improper care for her. But unlike real life, and this baby is nothing tragic will happen if you do not have time to feed the baby. It is always possible to re- start the game. Baby Lily lives with her mother, but my mother often at work or busy with other things. So Lily needs that it passed the time. She is very curious girl, and with it you will be in different places. She can do gardening, and you should show the baby how you want to care for plants. But this baby Lily will be engaged in the summer and in the winter she likes to walk in the street, where a lot of snow, attend kindergarten and help my mother. Send baby Lily in Kindergarten, but do not forget that to play with it - it's the most important thing you can do with your child in the free online game. You can make so much babe Lily kind girl in one of the free online games, which on the eve of New Year holidays, a girl wants to prepare gifts to your friends. She really likes to do nice things for the family, so a holiday baby Lily will be glad of your help. Baby Lily, like every girl should look nice, so you should take care of her hair. She likes to sit in a chair and wait for the barber transformation, like a real fashionista. One day baby Lily will pet and girl needs help in taking care of them. She will tell you what needs to be done to a pet was happy and satisfied, and then the girl will be happy. Meet this cutie with her mother in the free online game associated with cooking. These two cute girls will show you the recipe of their favorite dishes. The free online games baby Lily will show you that this is not such a difficult task, and - watch out for the child. In fact, it is very nice and fun, and the girl will be satisfied with your actions.

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