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Heirs Games - a fascinating story about the children of the royal family, with whom you will like to play

Any person not want to come out of childhood, because it is best to stay in the world of good and magic. So difficult to find a child or adult who is not waiting for new stories from Disney. Tales, produced by this company, always puchat good, if there is evil characters in them, they always will be defeated. Each story ends with amorous passion, or reconciliation. Tales of Belle and her prince, Cinderella and her fiance, about Melifisientu already known to many. But recently, it was possible to see the creation of a new Disney. In the cartoon The heirs can meet your favorite characters, but many years later with their children. In this story there are two islands. One of them is populated by good heroes, descendants of Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle and other characters, and the second island is filled with witches and wizards. Get introduced to the nature of each heir may be in free online games. Son Belle named Ben was going to ascend the throne. He grew up in a world of good and I am sure that no one is able to harm another. Therefore, he wants to unite the descendants of the two islands under the same sky. But evil does not sleep and Melifisienta gives the order to kidnap the Red fairy wand to get the right to control all forces. Free online games The heirs will replace you a variety of characters. Each character in its interest, and even the daughter of the Evil Queen, cute little Evi is ready to fight evil for the love of beautiful outfits and new decorations. She wants to be friends with the beautiful princess a good island, that you wanted to choose a new stylish images for her free online games. Girls want to visit this beauty salon to get a beauty treatment for your face. But if one of the characters gets into trouble and gets injured, then you have to become a doctor urgently. The medical office you will find all the tools, and even if you do not know what to use, the tips you will fall by the way. You can ease the pain of the hero and help him to recover as soon as possible. Some free online games Heirs will help you to show your artistic talent to create vivid images using the black and white drawing and color, and then play with the cards online will help you develop your memory. After all, look for the paired images in the pictures is not as easy as you think. They are only open for two pieces, so have to remember clearly.

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