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Game Prince of Persia - a worthy pastime for real gamers. The first games of the series were published in 1989 and since then almost added each year, so the one who just started to play Prince of Persia, a long way. The game's plot in brief is as follows. Persian sultan somewhere with someone at war, and the power in the country took the vizier. Prince, he was thrown into prison, and his bride going to marry. Prince will have to escape from prison, to release his girlfriend, return power, and soetc. To help the Prince, the player must go through all stages of the game Prince of Persia. In each round, the Prince waiting for their adventure. He needs to go through the maze without getting lost in the sands of the damned, fight the enemies, gather friends and team uniforms with weapons. In short, just like in any story game. All stages of the game Prince of Persia supplied timer to go round for some time. Therefore, to play Prince of Persia needed quickly wondering and acting. Of course, the path of the hero can kill. In this case, the player returns to the beginning of the round, but lost time is not restored. If the game ends finally, the game ends. In this case, to play Prince of Persia have to start from the beginning.

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