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Exciting games robokara Paulie will take you to the fabulous city of Broome, where you become a lifeguard.

The basis of the game developers used robokara Poly popular cartoon from the company RoiVisual, tells the adventures of a police car and Paulie and his friends, living in a fairy-tale town of Broome. All of these characters have a different character, but it does not prevent them to act together in difficult times by providing the necessary assistance to the residents. games robokara Poly instructive, because you have to pass each level to perform different tasks at the same time learning something new. In each game a team of rescuers to perform amazing deeds, by example showing children how to act in difficult situations. They are able to cope with any puzzle, collect bright puzzle. Getting every day in difficult situations, our characters do not leave each other, helping to get out of every difficult situation, coming to the aid of anyone who was in trouble. Play robokara Poly interesting and exciting, because all their adventures full of funny situations from which our heroes come easily and with hilarious jokes. These games will especially enjoy the boys who love adventure with a different technique. and therefore the game robokara Poly boys, who will drive or solve intricate puzzles. Play for free robokara Poly you'll be in the fictional town of Broome, which in addition to police cars Poly there are other characters. We get to know them better. There is a machine doctor named Amber with beautiful eyes and a big pink bow. Also in games robokara Poly will participate prinimkat fire truck Roi, able to cope with any fire. With a helicopter named Hallie, you can move both on land and by air. All these characters are ready to unite in order to win. AGV Poly - free online games for young players, which can be played without registration. The characters of these games teach kids to achieve goals, making these characters really very popular among children. The game begins by choosing one of the currently available on our website game that will have to be patient and hard-working, showing all his resourcefulness in solving this problem.

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