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In our days, when the screen every now and then there are all new and new fictional universe, another fantasy world is not so easy to present to the audience and make it memorable, and it is more difficult, because people have long been fed up with all the fantastic tricks, and can not to take seriously a flow of information on all the new heroes. Despite the publication date of the book, the story of Tolkien gained its popularity a few years ago. All the heroes of the movie books each knew not only by name but also by the nature and the man, not taken into consideration either the film or the book, it was considered almost a criminal, and this trend continues to this day, with the severity of the so-called crime is reinforced day by day. The story of the One Ring so tightly took place in people's hearts that the characters works are widely known, which can be compared, except that with Star Wars, and it is not clear which of the paintings with the highest number of loyal fans who are willing to wait patiently for the continuation of a favorite painting some years. The film was released with several translations, and each chose something to their liking, as this story is multifaceted and instructive, it is not surprising that several variations of the translation, but true connoisseurs still prefer the original language. It is unknown what do you think about the universe, the more so now read for some reason has become unfashionable, and now the heroes of literary works find their place in the cinemas, and even become heroes games, with both large and small flash games, and now about their adventures you can not only read, or watch, but also personally participate in the search for all known rings, as well as help the heroes to make the right decisions. Heroes is already in translation works in the Russian language have lost the key meaning of their names, but connoisseurs of Tolkien's works known to all, so the story has acquired the hue, which the author meant.

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